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The St Oswald's Wholeness Task Team is responsible for most of our Outreach programme.

The 'St Oswald’s Sewing Ladies' Group

St Oswald's New Sewing Group

The St Oswald's Sewing Ladies' Group hard at work at their initial meeting.

St Oswald’s is supporting a new outreach program which is called the Pear Tree Project.

Our newly-formed group of sewing ladies fall under the umbrella of our Wholeness Task Team and are already hard at work producing Baby Bags.

    Completed Baby Bags 

These are being distributed to very needy mothers of the new-borns at Somerset Hospital. Our ladies are using donations of fabric which have been provided and work to a set pattern for each bag; there is also a pocket with a specially embroidered St Oswald’s logo added to each. They all work independently and meet once a month to compare notes etc.

Completed Baby Bags

The Somerset Hospital Volunteer Group is already contributing a nappy, a little blanket and perhaps a baby-grow for the bag. At St Oswald's we have already started to fill the bags with appropriate mother and baby toiletries. We have already received donations of toiletries from the Edgemead Primary School, the WOMBS* Association and members of St Oswald's. There has also been a very generous cash donation made to the project which will be used to fill the gaps as the year progresses. However, all donations remain very, very welcome.

Toiletries for Mother and Baby   

The project has just begun, and links with maternity clinics and hospitals continue to be explored. We hope to grow it and continue into the foreseeable future, benefiting as many needy mothers and babies as possible.

If you feel you would like to join the Pear Tree Project, you would be most welcome. 

You do not need to be an expert seamstress and help is available. If you would prefer to source donations of fabric or toiletries for this project, this would be equally valued.


(*Women Offering Mothers Birth Support)

Please contact Deirdre at the office - 021 551 8529 for more information.

St Oswald's Wholeness Task Team 2014

The St Oswald's Wholeness Task Team 2014

The ladies in the team do the shopping and meet each month to make up food parcels. These are made up from food and cash donations made by parishioners and are regularly distributed to the needy in Joe Slovo and to any other eligible persons in the parish.

Happy Tummy’s is a specially formulated pack of food for only R5.00 which feeds 6 people. Parishioners purchase these for inclusion in the packs.

Joy Shea

Joy Shea co-ordinates the distribution of clothing, blankets and toiletries and ensures that everything is given to someone who will make good use of these donations.

Clothing and school uniforms are collected and then distributed to the needy in Joe Slovo. When we receive toiletries, for which there is an on-going appeal, they are usually taken to the Brooklyn Chest Hospital  which is in our area. The Salvation Army  also receives many donations of these items.

             Joy Shea

The parishioners of St Oswald’s are very supportive of knitting projects for the wider community. Squares are knitted all year round. These are then made up into blankets which are taken to the Warehouse, an Anglican organisation which among many other objectives, seeks to alleviate the plight of all those who are vulnerable in our society. 

We also donate blankets to the Clarinch home for the elderly.

St Dominic’s of Hanover Park run a soup kitchen. St Oswald’s has committed to a monthly monetary contribution in support of their efforts.

St Dominic's Soup Kitchen

St Dominic's Soup Kitchen

The Eric Miles Cheshire Home has always been one of our outreach projects. Our parishioners support them throughout the year with various events and assist wherever possible.

The Zonnekus Old Age Home also receives much support from the parish when needed. The rector, Rev Canon Jerome Francis sits on their board.

Every year at Christmas, St Oswald’s Sunday School buy gifts for under-privileged children which are placed under the St Oswald’s Christmas Tree. These gifts are then distributed to children in a Sunday school which is part of Ark Chapel International, pastored by Pastor Prosper Torchere, in the community of Capricorn Village , Muizenberg. 

Sunday School Capricorn Village, Muizenberg

Muizenberg under-privileged children at Capricorn village

In the past we have financially supported Marconi Beam Primary School, and hosted their annual Gr 7 Awards evening at the church. This included sponsoring all the prizes, certificates and a dinner / party for the learners and educators.

Marconi Beam Primary School

Marconi Beam Primary School

St Francis Chapel also has an outreach programme in which they distribute food parcels to elderly parishioners in need. These are also made up by the Wholeness Task Team. 

The chapel also run a regular Soup Kitchen for these people and the homeless in the Brooklyn area.

Every year volunteers from St Francis make up Christmas Shoe Boxes.  The gifts contained in these boxes are generously donated. They are then distributed to needy children at a different school every year. 

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